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Boostan in fairs

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Boostan was invited by Al-Zahra University, and was displayed for the first time in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts during the Fajr festival in February of 1987, enjoyed the praise and astonishment of instructors, students and artists, and was given the name of the Garden of Eternal Spring (“Boostan").
Due to unprecedented visits and welcome by the public, upon the order of Mr. Eng. Hojjat, the esteemed manager of the then Organization of Cultural Heritage, Boostan was transferred to Museum of Decorative Arts to be visited by the students and art-enthusiasts who had not been yet able to visit it. Due to unprecedented visit and welcome by the public, upon the museum manager's request its visit was extended for one year on a monthly basis. Many domestic and foreign exhibitions then applied for its show, and efforts were made to accept the best exhibition and show hall.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei extended the invitation to Mr. Khodadadi and three other artists to display his work in the Exhibition “Rugs of up to 156 centimeters long.” At this meeting, attended by the credible ostads, "Mousavi" from Tabriz, "Haghighi" from Esfahan and the late "Habibian" from Naein with their artistic works, "Boostan" was displayed.

Ayatollah Khamenei: What we visited today at this exhibition is one of the best manifestations of art and the most prominent efforts of creativity. We have not, for sure, looked at carpet at this angle so far. Carpet is our floor cover. We have thus learnt to look at it with no gratitude. What you have put into these marvelous artistic objects is both art and history. I am not able to properly express my feelings on this startlingly beautiful work. Thanks for your perseverance in creating prominent works.

Document: His Excellency's handwriting.

List of the exhibitions at which "Boostan" was displayed after the above mentioned museums:
14th world Meeting on Handicrafts, Oct.1990 Esfahan, Chehel Sotuon Garden 
1st Artistic Exhibition of Rugs up to 156 cm long. Oct.1991. Tehran International Exhibitions Permanent Place 
Iran's 1st Exhibition in Qatar, june.1992, Doha 
Carpet International Exhibition , Dec. 1992, Hannover, Germany 
Carpet International Exhibition in Iran, Aug. 1993, Tehran International Exhibitions permanent place. 
Tamasha Gah-e-Tarikh Museum, Feb.1999 
Tamasha Gah-e-Tarikh Museum, Aug.1999 
Exhibition of Antiquities in Kuwait, Dec.1998 
Specific Exhibition of " Boostan " on Iran's National Day in Iran's Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, 1997 
Iran's 1st Exhibition after the Revolution in France, Feb.2004 
Specific Exhibition of " Boostan " invited by Neuilly Municipality. Paris, June 2004, Hall of Paris Municipality 
Specific Exhibition of Boostan at Iran Parliament, Oct.2007



The presence of Boostan in the Islamic Parliament

The four-day presence of Boostan in the Iranian parliament (the Islamic consultative assembly) is one of the glories which contributed to its esteem. Boostan was well received and confirmed as being unique in the world in a place where the members of parliament come from across the nation.  All members of parliament recognized the masterpiece as being presented for the glory of Iran and expressed a common view that, in addition to earning foreign currency, exhibiting it inside and outside the country is similar to add a golden sheet to the history of culture and art of Persia. 

The news of Boostan's presence in the parliament was broadcasted through the network of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), and its relevant reflection on international news sites was reported with headlines such as: "the Garden of Eternal Spring Boostan arrived in Baharestan" and “a garden which never shed its leaves in autumn has an invaluable price".
In response to a correspondent's question about the viewpoints of members of parliament concerning the material and spiritual position of the Boostan, Mr. Eng. Nadimi, the respected member of the parliamentary group of tourism answered: "in fact, this is a fruit of five thousand years of Iranian art, and prior to the need of its sale, there would be a need to exhibit it which comprises the two aspects.”
And in response to another question:  "what price could be determined for this art work?" he said: "if you can evaluate the price of Shahname, then you might be able to evaluate this work of art too".


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