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بخش فارسی


     A selection views of authorities, Elite and Artists who visited Boostan

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The prominent Prof. Dr. Hossein Elahi Ghomshei “Well done, artist! He has linked the carpet to the heavens and has rendered the heavens the manifestation of beauty. It is the bestowal of the Lord.” (Document: Professor's handwriting.)
Ayatollah Khamenei ''Supreme leader’’: What we visited today at this exhibition is one of the best manifestations of art and the most prominent efforts of creativity. We have not, for sure, looked at carpet from this angle yet. Carpet is our floor cover. We have thus learnt to look at it with no gratitude. What you have put into these marvelous artistic objects is both art and history. I am not able to properly express my feelings on this startlingly beautiful work. Thanks for your perseverance in creating prominent works. (Document: His Excellency's handwriting).

Mr. Dr. Ataollah Mohajerani , the then Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance, “Mr. Khodadadi's Rug has flown from the Earth to the heavens.”
Mr. Khatami, the then president, addressed Mr. Eng." Khoshroo" and assigned him a specific mission: "this precious artistic achievement should be utilized. (Document: Letter of the president's office).
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani president of the Islamic Regime Benefit Identification Assembly visited Boostan with the president and registered the work of art in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) affiliated with the UN.
The elite Master Rasam Arabzadeh visited Boostan and was asked, “If you ever happen to be the president of a pricing jury board and decide to determine a price for this priceless object, what will be your determination?”  He said, “I will never set a price, nor I will let anybody specify it. I will kneel and kiss it in respect.”

Mr. Shariatmadari, the then Minister of Commerce, on the first inauguration of Iran's Carpet Exhibition in Paris, kneeled and kissed the corner of Boostan and said, “one should kneel and kiss this honorable, beautiful work.”



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