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بخش فارسی


The Shining Star of Persian Artwork

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Relief artwork has been displayed in carpets in the past.  However, the symmetry and proportionality of cubism, utilized to the highest artistic rank in relief work, has been illustrated with highest precision for the first time in the history of Persian carpets on “Boostan.” On the instable wool fibers on which tools error is irremediable, this work of art is so marvelous and hard-to-achieve that even now, after over 20 years since the presence of Boostan in international communities, Artists have not tried to weave a artwork like Boostan. It has thus remained a matchless work in the world contributing to the honor and pride of museum managers and exhibition holders.

فرش بوستان



Boostan History


The design and weaving of “Boostan" started in March 1978. The design of Boostan, as described and supervised by Master Ali Khodadadi, was drawn up by the late Master Archang Esfahani in over two months, after that weaving began with a pile 7 centimeters thick (strands of wool 7 centimeters long) and was completed in October 1979. After that, scissors work and finish, which were especially significant and contributed the most to the artistic value of the work, was started in November 1979 and ended in January 1986.

فرش بوستان

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