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بخش فارسی


     About Mr. Khodadadi

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Master man Ali Khodadadi was born in Shahreza Township of Isfahan province in 1946. His father was a carpet manufacturer and tradesman, and his mother accompanied her husband in designing and supervising the carpet weaving.

Master man Ali Khodadadi was very fond of painting and designing, and the art of Persian rug weaving was the best field in which to develop his artistic talent.

He, therefore upon completion of his high school studies, chose his father's job as a carpet manufacturer and tradesman.
But, as he had a spirit of innovation and creation, he therefore took effective steps towards various fields of this art. His first work named “Flower and Butterfly“ was finished in 1977 and it was put at the disposal of Iran Carpet Museum.

During the final days of weaving the "Flower and Butterfly” Rug, Mr. Khodadadi was thinking of a new weaving inspired by inlaid art, and took measurements to start weaving the Boostan.

Although materializing the highest rank of inlaid art was a work of wonder and very difficult to achieve, under the Divine auspices, after seven years of artistic attempt this everlasting work was donated to the world of art and in this way Mr. Khodadadi added a golden page to the History of Iranian Art.

He died in the age of 64 due to heart failure.




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